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Two Fish Recipes That Are Playoff Worthy

Lake Erie Fried Perch  You Will Need... Taylors Yellow or White Perch  A Cast Iron Skillet  Canola Oil Pair of tongs Wire Racking  Taylor's One Step Breading  Prepping The Perch... Fill one bowl with breading and another with egg yolk. Dip the pieces of perch individually into the egg yolk bowl.  Dip the pieces of perch individually into the breading bowl.  Place the seasoned pieces of perch onto the wire racking.  Repeat until all pieces of perch are ready!  Frying The Perch... Pour out the canola oil into your cast iron skillet.  Set the stovetop to medium heat and wait [...]

Lake Erie walleye quotas up but ‘devastating’ drop for perch, says commercial fishery

By Sharon Hill, Windsor Star Publishing date: April 1, 2019 ·  2 minute read The commercial fishery in Lake Erie around Wheatley harbour will be the hardest hit by lower perch quotas set last week. The allowable catch limit for yellow perch in Lake Erie has dropped by as much as 32 per cent for the part of the lake near Chatham-Kent, Tim Tiessen, president of the Ontario Commercial Fisheries’ Association, said Monday. The quota is dropping by about 20 per cent for commercial fishing boats operating south of Essex County. The part of the lake near Elgin County that includes [...]

March 29, 2019

Hi everyone, Jessica here! For those of you who don’t know me, I am the soon-to-be wife of Taylor (John and Donna’s youngest son, and the Captain of the Bessie Ann II). I’ve recently joined the Fish Co crew full time, and they’ve asked me to help with the social media pages and contribute to the blog (yikes!). While trying to get my creative juices flowing, I thought “man, I don’t really know a lot about fish”. Growing up, the extent of my fish exposure was tuna and salmon in a can. Although, I’m sure my Mom would have [...]

Record Hatch

Lake Erie walleye fishermen welcome near-record hatch in Western Basin By James F. McCarty, The Plain Dealer CLEVELAND, Ohio - Lake Erie appeared to have solidified its crown as the Walleye Capital of the World this week with news that the walleye hatch in the Western Basin this spring could be ranked as the second-largest in the lake's history, and the largest in 15 years. Those were the preliminary findings of an August survey conducted at 40 locations by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. The yellow perch hatch counts also were strong and well above average year numbers, [...]

Fish Out of Water

Fish out of water: The sustainable seafood guide A fresh report by the UN food and agriculture organization says the world is eating a record-breaking amount of fish, some 20 kilos per person a year. According to the FAO, nearly a third of stocks are now overfished. So what's an ocean-wise choice? KOLAPORE SPRINGS TROUT Trout is the second most popular fish in Canada after salmon, and if farmed right, it's a good local option. Kolapore Springs trout farm fish are fed an all-natural diet, a mix of leftovers from fish processing plants combined with all the freshwater [...]

Pickerel Cheek Salad

We put chicken, salmon and beef on our salad, so why not pickerel cheeks?  The cheeks will be ready before you know it! Pickerel Cheek Salad (Serves 4-6) 1 lb pickerel cheeks 2 tsp butter 1 bunch fresh tarragon (or other favourite fresh herbs) salt and pepper, to taste splash Mirin, to deglaze pan (can use Vermouth or for non-alcohol uses, apple or pear juice) 1 large bowl full baby salad greens (can use mixes or spinach or arugula) Oil and vinegar vinaigrette (1 part vinegar:3 parts good oil, salt and pepper and dried herbs and/or 1 tsp Dijon [...]

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