Taylor Fish Wholesale

      Taylor Fish Company is proud to offer product lines such as whole fish, fresh and IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Fillets for food service and retail, specializing in white tablecloth restaurants.

       Taylor Fish Company is a CFIA federally registered company. We ship all over North America to wholesale and retail markets. With our main focus on quality, our processing facility is maintained in accordance with QMP/HACCP guidelines and regulations. 

   Taylor Fish is pleased to announce that we now hold the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification of sustainability for our Walleye and Yellow Perch Products.  The MSC is a recognized international, non-profit organization aiming to protect all seafood and their habits. The MSC blue fish label also indicates that our fish can be traced to a sustainable source from lake to plate.

      By choosing the MSC blue fish label, consumers make the intelligent choice to support well-managed, sustainable fisheries that help keep Lake Erie healthy so future generations can enjoy the same fish products we enjoy today.

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Once fish is filleted, it begins to deteriorate immediately, sometimes up to ten times faster than when it is whole on ice. At Taylor Fish Company, we flash freeze our fish or ship all of our fresh cut fillets same day as it was cut.

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