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Est. in 2004

Located in Wheatley, Ontario, Taylor Fish Company is a family passion, owned and operated by four generations. We recognize that not everyone lives on or near freshwater and that many of us, despite where we live would like access to fresh lake fish. It is with that in mind, that we take the greatest care of our Lake Erie catch. From the boat, to the processing plant, to the delivery of your items, our team prides itself on providing high quality fish, both fresh and frozen. We are privileged to be the custodian of your next meal and look forward to serving you soon.


Taylor Maid


When Jim Taylor originally made the decision to make a livelihood on Lake Erie, he felt seasick every day for more than a year. He started out as a greenhorn but persevered and worked hard to advance to deck hand, captain, and eventually owner. 

The "Taylor Maid" is currently owned and operated by Terry Taylor, Jim's son. The tradition continues as Eric and Matt Taylor, Terry's sons, work on deck. Matt has recently obtained his captain's license, and Eric is working towards his. They may soon be in the captain's chair!

The business's processing division, Taylor Fish Company, is owned and run by Jim’s daughter, Donna, and her husband John Hyatt. Before taking on their own responsibilities inside the company, their sons James and Taylor Hyatt worked on the Taylor Maid with their uncle Terry. Taylor acquired his own boat, the Bessie Ann II, and his captain's license in 2017. James oversees production at our CFIA-registered processing facility. 

Under the guidance of their father, James and Taylor are aware of the steps necessary to provide the freshest fish to customers. From setting the nets to assembling the orders, they intend to carry on these traditions for future generations!


Bessie Ann II

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