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Jessica Got Hooked!

Hi everyone, Jessica here! For those of you who don’t know me, I am the soon-to-be wife of Taylor (John and Donna’s youngest son, and the Captain of the Bessie Ann II). I’ve recently joined the Fish Co crew full time, and they’ve asked me to help with the social media pages and contribute to the blog (yikes!). While trying to get my creative juices flowing, I thought “man, I don’t really know a lot about fish”. Growing up, the extent of my fish exposure was tuna and salmon in a can. Although, I’m sure my Mom would have a different opinion – I was not sheltered from food in any way other than by choice (haha, sorry mom). In the last 8 years I’ve been introduced to different kinds of fish- some I like, some not so much. I’ve even got experience catching my own now! But our go-to fish dish is definitely the deep fried yellow perch with a basket of fries.

Recently we started up an Instagram page and one of our customers tagged us in a photo – a beautiful pickerel – letting their followers know they put in their first spring order. Within a couple of days, one of their customers also tagged us in a photo of an even more beautiful cooked pickerel dish. It looked so delicious and so fancy – something I personally never expected pickerel to be. This really peaked my interest and got me thinking, I wish I knew more ways to cook our fresh-caught Lake Erie fish.

So, blog readers, that’s where I call upon you! Do you have any recipes to share? How about a picture of a beautiful (and tasty) fish dish? What’s your favourite way to cook or eat yellow perch? Pickerel? Silver bass? Whitefish? White perch? Catfish? Smelt?

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