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Our First Blog Post

Welcome to Taylor Fish and our very first blog! Taylor Fish is a small, family owned fish company located in rural Wheatley, Ontario. The proud owners are John and Donna Hyatt. Donna grew up as the daughter of a fisherman and John has worked in the fishing industry for more than 25 years. My name is Yvonne, and I will be attempting to write these blogs with the assistance of everyone who works here at Taylor Fish, but predominantly from John and Jake, the Plant Manager.

We are so very excited to embark upon this journey with you as we have so many great videos and topics to discuss and share; from how fish are caught to how to prepare them. We want to share our blogs because we feel that everyone, regardless of economic means or physical location should have the opportunity to eat and learn about Lake Erie fish.

Please get involved in our community and encourage others to do so too. It is our hope that together we will create a meaningful community of fish lovers.

First of all, I should divulge that I have only been working at Taylor Fish Company since early April and that technically, I am still very green to the fishing industry. I still find many things that happen here quite fascinating and hope that I can convey some of my enthusiasm to you. When I arrive in the morning, one of my favourite things to do is to open the totes (which are the extremely large plastic containers that house our catch with insides of about 4’x3′). I think the fish look so beautiful. I know that may same weird but the patterns on their backs and their bulging eyes looking back at me remind me more of art than anything! How can you not want to take a picture of these Yellow Perch?

So, herein lies the conundrum. While we were in the process of redoing our website, we really struggled to find great pictures of Lake Fish (Perch, Pickerel, Bass and Catfish). Instead, the internet seems flooded with pictures of salmon. Presumably, because it’s a prettier fish. Yes, salmon is indeed a beautiful fish:

Lol! Didn’t mean to scare you! Yes, below are two beautiful silver salmons (I love silver; it’s fish bling to me!)

But, in truth, can you say that Salmon is that much more attractive than Yellow Perch?

Well, when you cut it open you can:

Locals in our area will tell you how delicious a Perch Dinner is and they pine for its Spring arrival in our store. I don’t think the fish in our Lake get enough credit. To me they look just as cool as Ocean Fish and undoubtedly match its taste.

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